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Design or replace your WiFi-network?

WiFi Wise, wireless without worries!

A new or larger wireless network?

Do you want to install a professional WiFi network for the first time? Or extend or replace your current network?

Your wishes will be discussed with you in detail. After this we will map your building (or buildings) WiFi technically. With this basis we’ll create a design, with an overview of the equipment.

When all possibilities have been discussed and the desired route has been chosen, we will start with the implementation for you. You can also have this done by your own IT professional. Is there a need for advice and support? Then we’ll arrange that for you!

The benefits of WiFi Wise
  • We are vendor independent
  • We think from the perspective of techniques rather than products
  • We have extensive experience in the most complex situations
  • 24/7 support number for urgent matters

ECSE Design | ECSE Troubleshooting | ECSE Advanced

WiFi Wise, among other certifications, owns Ekahau-certifications for designing, implementing and troubleshooting WiFi-networks.

Looking for a solid WiFi-network?

We are happy to assist!