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WiFi networks in the leisure and hospitality industry

Does your network have the same quality standard as the rest of your organization?

The customer experience is central

The first question you often hear is “What is the WiFi password?”. Your customers expect a perfectly working wireless network. Is that what you offer them?

Do you have coverage in the places where it is needed? Is the capacity sufficient everywhere? On a terrace and in a conference room you probably have different demands than in the gym.

Safety and speed

Safety first! Most companies want a separate network for the organization itself and the customers or guests. The desired speed can also be determined for each group. Examples are cash register systems, administration, building management and customers / guests. Even private and business guests can be subdivided.

Dependability through proactive maintenance

Through various management tools cooperate with our clients. This clarifies when changes are needed somewhere. We also check at least annually (or on request) if changes are necessary. That way your network stays as dynamic as your organization itself!

The advantages of WiFi Wise
  • We ensure good coverage everywhere
  • We provide a fast WiFi network, even at peaks
  • Safety first, data streams remain separated
WiFi Wise voor de leisure branche

Need help with your WiFi network?

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