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More WiFi knowledge in-house?

We make your IT staff WiFi Wise with a training that fits your needs exactly!

We are happy to share our WiFi knowledge with you

Do your employees need more knowledge about wireless networks?

The training courses provided by WiFi-Wise are not only accessible for our own clients (were we have done network implementations), but also for others. Whenever we have implemented a wirelss network, we train the people who have to work with it in a way that fits their needs. This way they can make proper changes whenever needed in the future of the network.

For all others WiFi Wise provides CWNP-certified WiFi-training courses on all levels. An overview can be found below. Subscribing is simple, send us an email at or give us a call +31 850 – 188 699 for the planned course dates. 

The benefits of WiFi Wise
  • We offer all CWNP-modules
  • Also taylor made training courses available
  • In-company or at a training location

CWNP Authorized Learning Center

WiFi Wise is your education partner for all CWNP training modules and certifications in the field of wireless technology. 27 training institutes are recognized worldwide, of which only six are in Europe. WiFi Wise is the only authorized CWNP partner in the Netherlands.

Your employees want to become WiFi Wise?

We are happy to help you!