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WiFi networks in retail

More service for your customers. And more information for you.

An optimal customer experience

Your customers simply expect a good working wireless network. But the possibilities for a WiFi system in retail go far beyond that!
With a heat map of your WiFi network you can accurately map customer behavior. How do your customers walk for example? You can fine-tune the location of your well-selling items to the walking routes. You can also lead your customers past certain parts of your department store. Ensure higher sales figures by optimizing the customer experience!

Personalized offers

Lift the customer experience to an even higher level by a member system. When members visit your department store, they receive personalized offers. And while your guests are shopping, family members make easy use of the Internet on your guest network.

Dependability through proactive maintenance

Through various management tools we cooperate with our clients. This clarifies when changes are needed somewhere. We also check at least annually (or on request) if changes are necessary. That way your network stays as dynamic as your organization itself!

The advantages of WiFi Wise
  • We provide a fast network with good coverage
  • A heat map shows how your guests behave in your store
  • Marketing opportunities through targeted data
WiFi Wise in de retail

Need help with your WiFi network?

We are hapy to help you!