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WiFi networks in healthcare

Your wireless network is becoming increasingly important

The most critical environment

Medical equipment that can not be disrupted, privacy-sensitive information of the highest level, different user groups … installing a WiFi network in the healthcare sector is not something you do without thinking.

Of all our types of clients, healthcare is perhaps the most demanding branch. All disciplines of our profession come together here. WiFi Wise has all the necessary knowledge and skills in-house.

Safety and patient-friendliness

The data with which hospital staff work is very privacy-sensitive. Extra protection is therefore necessary! At WiFi Wise we ensure continuous monitoring. Any break-in attempts are immediately detected and repelled. 

To support patients / clients and their relatives, there is a separate guest network. Locationbased services can be accessed, such as the site’s intranet. And of course, the internet can also be used to keep in touch with the relatives at home effortlessly.  

Does your institution use beacons or tags? With a good WiFi network, all your equipment is easy to trace!

No interruptions due to good preparation

A common problem with WiFi networks in healthcare institutions is the occurrence of faults due to the enormous amount of equipment. Some services are blocked in certain areas of the building to prevent interference with medical equipment. That is why at WiFi Wise we always carry out a site survey first. These complex measurements reveal all sources of interference. Only when it is clear which factors we have to take into account, can we design an optimal WiFi network.

The advantages of WiFi Wise
  • Stable and trouble-free. Also during walking / moving!
  • Privacy-sensitive data is well protected and monitored
  • Optimal distribution of the capacity between networks
WiFi Wise in de gezondheidszorg

Need help with your WiFi network?

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