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WiFi networks in office environments

All-wireless and Voice Over WiFi? We can do it!

Working flexibly has never been easier

Nowadays almost all devices can effortlessly and safely run on WiFi. The expensive cable knit on desks and baseboards is no longer necessary.

Your employees can work anywhere with flex workstations. The most ideal solution is an ‘all wireless office’. Internal relocations have never been so easy. And not unimportant: the installation and maintenance of an all wireless office environment is about 30% cheaper than a traditional wired design.

With the design we ensure that you have the disposal and the required speed at any desired location. We also create the required separation in various divisions / disciplines together with you where necessary. The security of your data is always paramount!

Voice Over WiFi

Wireless telephony can not be ignored. In the past, they used dect systems. Nowadays this is often done over WiFi. WiFi Wise has the specific knowledge needed to make this a success.

The best advice for your situation

The do’s and don’ts in all wireless office environments, the attention points in capacity issues, the safety aspects of working in the cloud … there are no secrets for us. Because of our experience, we can always give you the best advice. For your specific situation!

The advantages of WiFi Wise
  • We provide good good coverage everywhere
  • We provide a fast WiFi network, even at peak points
  • Safety first, data streams remain separated
WiFi Wise in kantooromgevingen

Need help with your WiFi network?

We are happy to help you!