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WiFi networks in education

Safe, separate networks that also remain intact when the whole class uses it simultaniously.

The correct access for everyone

For education, a well-functioning wireless network can be tricky. Often there is a considerable peak load, and not all equipment is compatible.

Separate data streams, attention to privacy-sensitive information and a network that can withstand a considerable peak load: here at WiFi Wise we know how to handle it. Because of our specialist knowledge and tools nothing is impossible or invisible. We do not place or advise more than the necessary equipment. Often a large saving can be realized by properly measuring and rolling out a suitable WiFi network.

Optimal use of school systems

For students, the school network is of great importance. A good range (everywhere in the building or campus!), a fast connection and access to the right parts of the network ensures that they can focus on what really matters to them: the curriculum. In addition, it is important that their device works well on the network. We often assume that things will go well, but in practice there are often problems with it.

Controlled by the IT staff

In practice, it is often difficult for the IT department to see what is going on on the network, and whether everything goes according to the rules, for example. Everything runs smoothly with monitoring and control. WiFi Wise helps with that! We also ensure that IT staff are trained to the desired level of knowledge. This means that it is not necessary to always call in the help of an external IT employee.

The advantages of WiFi Wise
  • Appropriate coverage by precision design equipment and software
  • Reliable, separated networks for user groups
  • IT staff are being trained to the desired level
WiFi Wise voor het onderwijs

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