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Wireless Design | Very high cleanliness requirements

>1000-5000 employees

Question: Renewal of the complete Wireless Network within 2 locations with extremely high purity regulations in the Venray area.

Approach: We performed a Wireless Site Survey and spectrum analysis in all of the client’s warehouses, offices and animal housing locations. With the high purity requirement in mind, it was decided to have the necessary measuring equipment cleaned. By measuring with the final (cleaned) hardware, the risk of expensive redesigns is kept to a minimum.

Solution: Existing industrial halls, offices and animal accommodation locations measured with specific hardware chosen by the end customer in consultation with their ICT partner. The measurements and recommendations have been incorporated into a detailed report. Added improvement proposals for the existing building in the form of measurement data and analyses. Finally, it was recommended that a verification measurement can be carried out, if desired, to verify the final network and, if necessary, to fine-tune the equipment present at that time.

Ekahau, Wireless Design, wireless site survey