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Wireless Training | Juniper MIST ILO, JNCIA

12 students, JNCIA training, online from our own studio

Question: Several times a year the Juniper MIST/JNCIA training is provided by Juniper Education Services. WiFi Wise provides the certified trainer, Juniper Education Services arranges the location (in Corona time often timest online from our own studio). This 4-day training is experienced as very valuable because of the interactive components. Can WiFi Wise provide a certified trainer to teach a class in English language for students from all over the world?

Approach: In mutual consultation, it has been decided to let the training sessions take place from the dedicated training studio for the time being (ILO, Instructor Lead Online). Since our trainer Raymond Hendrix is fluent in English, this is not a limitation at all. Raymond normally flies around the world for these training sessions (along with a number of other trainer “colleagues”).

Solution: Raymond has been asked to provide as much training as possible in English from the WiFi Wise studio. As soon as Juniper Education Services decides to start providing training on-site at customers again, Raymond will hop back on the plane again.


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