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Wireless Troubleshooting | RF analysis, industrial hall for train modernization

>20,000 employees/users

In Haarlem they are working on the modernization of, among other things, trains. Possibly wireless interference causes the vehicles, that move these trains, to go into an active error-state resulting in an emergency stop. We were asked to locate the alleged source of interference by means of an extensive RF spectrum analysis.

Question: Since there is little knowledge and expertise (in the Netherlands and abroad) in the field of complex measurements in the wireless spectrum, WiFi Wise was asked to support the search for the source of the interference. Since we as WiFi Wise have a wide range of test equipment and the associated expertise, we have been approached to provide support.

Approach: Our engineer started working on location with specialist measuring equipment to visualize the wireless spectrum on location. During our visit, various tests were carried out with the vehicles and other possible sources of interference at the location.

Solution: In the end the RF spectrum turned out to be very clean and the interference was therefore demonstrably not located in the wireless spectrum. With our measurement report and analysis, the customer can return to the supplier to look for the solution in the software or hardware of the transport vehicles.


Are you experiencing disturbances that cannot be found or demonstrated by the usual equipment and if you would like to know more about the possibilities for an RF analysis at your company location?
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RF analysis, Wireless Troubleshooting