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Wireless Design | Marina, Wanssum

>200 modern mooring ports

The marina is expanding rapidly partly due to a major imminent infrastructure change to the township. The question is to realize a Wi-Fi solution for guests and internal systems within a limited budget. Within 12 months it will have to be expanded considerably after the planned renovation / expansion of the marina has been realized.

Based on building plans from the municipality, a first estimate was made of the difference between the 2 WiFi design and installation phases. A design plan was to be made for both phases through a Wireless Site Survey.

The existing site has been mapped out by performing a Wireless Site Survey. A solution of Ubiquity has been chosen, for the existing requirements a more than adequate and capable system. Easy to manage also for the owner of the marina. The system is configured by us and installed with the help of the local electrician. The second phase involved extending the initial system so that it works seamlessly together (as if the design was build at once).

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