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Triple Double offices

Wireless Consultancy | Triple Double Sportsmarketing offices, Eindhoven

>50 employees, room for more than 125 guests in conference rooms

The standard Wi-Fi provided does not give us confidence and does not work properly. Can this be solved?

Identify needs and requirements and determine what is missing and where the areas for improvement lie. All of this of course in close cooperation with the end users. Then draw up and implement a re-design plan.

Mapping out the present hardware at that moment. A list of requirements was setup in close cooperation with the various users and managers. Using a Wireless Site Survey (using the Ekahau package) we mapped out what the ideal situation would be. After discussing the re design plan, proceeded with carrying out the work. Existing hardware has been used as much as possible. The building manager was also involved in the collaboration for a properly functioning final solution (with all preconditions observed).

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